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The Miracle berry or Miracle fruit (Synsepalum Dulcificum) is native to the tropical forests of Ghana, West Africa. The distinctive red berry of the plant contains a protein dubbed Miraculin on account of its strange taste modifying effects. When consumed, Miraculin binds to the taste receptors responsible for the perception of sweetness. Upon contact with foods of an acidic nature, the protein shifts shape and activates the taste receptors, causing foods that are usually sour to taste deliciously sweet. This effect lasts around an hour until the Miraculin is washed away.

As the berry degrades rapidly when picked, the unusual effects of the Miracle berry were rarely experienced outside of its natural habitat. However the process of freeze drying ensures the Miraculin remains stable so the curious taste twisting abilities of the Miracle berry can be enjoyed worldwide. Buy Miracle berry tablets from the original UK vendor for only £12.99.

Tablets from £12.99

Synsepalum Dulcificum plants are expertly grown in controlled conditions. When ripened, the fruit is carefully harvested ready for processing. After removing the skin and seed, the flesh is pulped and freeze dried. This is then compressed and pressed into tablet form. Sealed in blister packs of ten, Miracle berry tablets will keep fresh for months. 

Miracle Berry Tablets

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Miracle berries from £12.99
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